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Voice Over Classes

  • Introduction to the Art of Voice Over

    101   Voice Over Basics

    102   Tone, Pitch, Tempo and Volume

    103   Beginning Voice Over Technique

    What is a Voice Over? You will learn what voice over is and what it isn't and what distinguishes the voice artist skill set from DJs, Masters of Ceremonies and other public speakers. We'll expore the wide varitey of opportunities available to voice talent, and what it takes to break into and run a voice over business.     (2 hours)

    There are four components of the speaking voice: tone, pitch, tempo and volume. In natural conversation, we subconsciously use the appropriate amount of each one, given the circumstance and intent of our conversation. This changes for each conversation. When reading a voice over script, it is necessary to do the same. This class will teach you the difference between these components, and how to use them in a performance. (3 hours)

    Vocal Technique involves aural awareness and control of your voice. Voice artists must be able to incorporate emotion, variety, creativity, and character into a performance allowing your delivery to sound natural and confident, and simultaneously be executed quickly. This Beginning Vocal Technique class will teach you the elements of technique and how to employ technique reflexively. (7 hours)

  • Fundamentals of Voice Acting

    201   Analyzing Script and Copy

    202   Elements of a Voice Over Performance

    203   Voice Over Technique 2

    A fundamental skill the voice artist must possess is the ability to analyze a script or piece of copy. Quickly able to grasp the emotion, formality, tone and character of a script is essential for a successful performance. This class will teach you the various elements and clues that will enable you to quickly and accurately analyze a script and sort the creative choices available from the analysis.  (3 hours)

    There are many parts to a voice over performance. Legato, staccato, are methods of delivery. Producers, directors, engineers, writers etc. are roles involved  in the process. Drama, emotion, tension, mood, etc, are  parts that are created by the artist. This class will teach you the many parts that comprise a performance and grow your abilities to cultivate and integrate them into your performance.   (3 hours)

    This class builds on and strengthens the techniques taught in class 103, and expands the lesson to microphone techniques that the artist must be able to execute. This class will teach you when to hit and when not to hit; the use of dramatic pauses and word elongation, and other such techniques to help the artist bring a sense of drama and emotion to the performance while expanding the number and kind of choices availabe.  (6 hours)

  • Starting Your Voice Over Business

    301   Producing Your Demo

    302   Branding, Advertising and Marketing

    303   Growing Your Home Studio

    You need a high quality demo. It is the single most important thing you must have if you are to compete in the world of professional voice over. Your voice over demo is your best first opportunity to present your performing skills and abilities to talent agencies, producers, and other talent buyers. In the world of voice acting, your demo is your calling card. It is your portfolio. It is your audio resume'. It is your letter of introduction.  This class will teach you all that you need to know about your demo. From choosing good scripts to choosing your recording studio.   (6 hours)

    Creating an identity for your business is not always an easy thing to do and it is something you must do! What makes you unique? How do you separte yourself from the crowd and create a first great impression? This class will teach you the many ways to brand, advertise and market your  budding voice-over business.   (4 hours)

    With a decent computer and some relatively inexpensive equipment, you've got the capabbility to do what used to require a multi-million dollar facility. With a properly deigned home studio, it's possible to record with a quality comparable to many professional studios.  This class will show you how to start and grow a quality home studio.   (2 hours)

The most fundamental of all skills that the voice artist must develop is that of vocal technique. This involves the proper use of language; the tone, pitch, tempo, and volume of the spoken word; an understanding of the dynamics of emotion and drama and how to invite and peak your audience's attention.


"On Becoming a Voice Artist" is a 36 hour course, consisting of 3 major modules. Each module consists of 3 classes. Each class in the course can be taken ala-carte, however, we discourage this approach for beginners.


VOworks Studios' "On Becoming a Voice Artist" will introduce you to the basic components of creating a natural, smooth, and believable Voice Over performance. You will learn about the ever increasing opportunies in voice over, the technologies and tools you'll need as you set up your home studio, the means and methods of marketing your skills, and most importantly - how and when to audition. See the individual class descriptions below.

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